Snow, Snow, and More Snow

DSC00015When I was younger, the idea of snow was exciting.  Growing up in the desert valley of Arizona, we always had to travel to the mountains if we wanted to see snow, and we would spend hours going tubing, making snowmen, and skating around on a frozen lake that would eventually be the scene of the unfortunate and untimely death of my imaginary younger sister Julie (don’t ask).  Then we would come home to the land of no snow.

Those were the good old days.

Now, I live in a place where I only have to walk out my front door to find snow.  And I’ve realized something… I preferred having to travel in order to find snow.  After all, absence makes the heart grow fonder.  For me, snow really is like a friend or relative.  Just as I appreciate my loved ones much more when they’re far away, such is the case with snow.

Yet there is nothing  I can do to stop the snow from falling.  And fall it has, especially over the past couple of days.  Heck, there was even something that resembled snow in Phoenix this past week.  Really, it seems like snow is inescapable… unless you live in a place like the Philippines, where snow is a mere figment of the imagination, something that is only read about in books or seen in the movies.  But seeing as how many of us don’t live in the Philippines and in fact live in a place where snow is a reality, we have to learn to live with it, don’t we?

Some people love snow.  More power to them.  I at least have learned to tolerate it.  Actually, it’s not so much the snow that I hate as it is what the snow represents: cold weather.  I used to think I loved cold weather, but that was back when I though 60 degrees was normal during the winter.  I have since then learned the true meaning of cold, and I definitely prefer the heat.

So what do I do to deal with all this snow?  Well, what else can I do but make the best of it?  Yesterday I went jogging as it was snowing and actually ended up loving it.  After a stressful week it really was quite refreshing, and the cold didn’t bother me much since I was jogging.  The snow has also been the subject of a few pictures I have taken with my new camera.  I have to admit, snow does make for some interesting photography.  So I guess snow isn’t so bad after all.

A panoramic shot of the mountains close to my apartment.

A panoramic shot of the mountains close to my apartment.  I actually like snow on the mountains.

Maybe not everyone shares my somewhat violent dislike of snow, but I think we all have our own version of “snow,” or something in our lives that we can’t stand and yet can’t get rid of.  It might come in the form of a problem that you have struggled with for so long that it is weighing down on you.  My advice to you is simple: make the best of it!  Just like I made the best of the snow in these pictures.


The nearby park, all covered in snow.



For a recent assignment, I had to write my own dictionary-style definition of a slang term.  I’m not usually one for sharing my school assignments as blog posts, but I was actually kind of proud of this one.  Hope you enjoy!



The word complinsult is a combined form of two different words, compliment and insultComplinsult can be either a noun or verb and can perform one of two functions:

  1. Insulting somebody in a way that seems complimentary so as to avoid hurt feelings.
  2. Complimenting somebody in an insulting way so as to avoid those awkward feelings that come with complimenting other people.

The term complinsult is most often used by young adults (often in their 20s) to describe a remark that falls somewhere in between a compliment and an insult.  It would be rare and somewhat disconcerting to hear older individuals describe a remark as a complinsult, even if something they say could easily be described as such.


The following are some examples of complinsults:

  • You have an uncanny ability to make any situation awkward. (States that the recipient of the complinsult has an uncanny ability, though in this case the ability is not desirable)
  • I wish I could be as stupid as you.  (The fact that the speaker wishes to be like the recipient is flattering, but the recipient of this complinsult has just been called stupid)
  •  At least you’re still kind of thin.  (This is a compliment that has been severely downplayed by the use of the phrase kind of)

Here are a few examples of the word complinsult being used in a sentence:

  • The boy was complinsulted by his crush when she told him that he reminded her of her little sister.
  • That was the perfect complinsult!
  • I am going to complinsult you by telling you that your performance was only the second worst one I have ever seen.

As can be seen from these examples, complinsults (as well as the use of the word complinsult itself) should only be used with caution in informal, familiar settings.  An improper usage can result in hurt feelings and confusion.

A Positive Spin

It is easy to get caught up in the negative aspects of life; I admit as of late I tend to put off a vibe that is more negative than positive.  A younger, more optimistic version of me would shake his head at cynical people, yet I have to admit that life’s events have turned me into one of those cynical people who I never used to understand.

problem_wide-27279ee83cc8e4d93512f4825955738de4ac4bc7-s6-c10It’s hard to maintain optimism as I become more and more aware of the world around me.  There are some terrible things going on out there, to say the least.  But if I’ve learned anything in my almost-23 years of living, it’s that unhappy circumstances do not necessarily have to make for unhappy people.

Lately I have thought about putting a positive spin on the less enjoyable aspects of life.  Today I would like to post several light-hearted (hopefully somewhat humorous) examples of what I have done to turn my negative thoughts into positive ones:

Negative Thought: This has been such a cold winter!  There were some days where temperatures did not get higher than the single digits.  Positive thought: But now thirty degrees feels so much nicer than it used to!

Uh-oh… it’s snowing.  Snowball fight!!!

It was so icy on the streets and sidewalks that it took me twice as long to walk to school than usual.  I got to ice skate to school! 

I slipped on the ice and smashed my face into the side of a parked car.  There’s a funny story that I can tell for years to come.

I wish I hadn’t gotten in that car accident.  Now I’ve hopefully learned a valuable lesson about practicing safe driving.  

The Jazz beat the Suns.  Now I won’t brag and be as obnoxious as I would have been if the Suns had won.

I’m sick.  It’s a great excuse to stay home and do nothing all day.

February 14th is Valentine’s Day, the worst day ever.  February 14th is Arizona Statehood Day.  

I don’t think my stomach agreed with the food I ate today.  Who cares?!  The food tasted good.

Ireland... I'm going there this summer!

Ireland… I’m going there this summer!

It’s going to cost a fortune to go on this study abroad trip to Europe.  I’m freaking going to Europe!

I just got into a show, but now it’s getting canceled.  Am I seriously complaining about this when there’s war and hunger going on in the world?  There are plenty of other shows to watch.  Suck it up, princess!   

Anyway, I think you get the point.  Obviously these were all trivial complaints, and a lot of them seemed to have to do with cold weather…  But hopefully we can all learn to make the best of a truly crappy situation, to put it as elegantly as possible.  So when you find yourself thinking:

Wow.  Life is really hard right now

…Try instead to think this:

This hard time will pass.  Things will get better.